Scott J. Miscovich, MD

The Hawaii Medical Association recently named Dr. Scott Miscovich as Hawaii’s 2019 Physician of the Year because of his exemplary leadership in the field of medicine and commitment to providing quality care to patients. Besides a large staff of 100 employees, including specialty physicians, his clinic offers one-stop shopping for patients. They can get blood tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic services on-site. His office has extended hours, and his medical team provides home health visits and telemedicine services. Most importantly, Dr. Scott Miscovich and his staff treat patients like family.

Dr. Scott Miscovich’s Philosophy of Care:
We see patients within 48 hours after they have been discharged from the hospital. This helps prevent readmissions. During the follow-up appointments we review medications with the patient and a family member, who will help make sure the medication is taken properly.

With our sizable medical team and extensive resources and services, we are able to provide comprehensive care to patients. In addition, we treat all patients as we would our own family.