To My Amazing Staff

To my Amazing staff I just want to tell you how extremely proud I am of each and every one of you! This Pandemic has not been easy for anyone in the world but I am truly blessed to have a staff who, shares our vision and believes that our community and state need us and rise to every opportunity to help, with no questions. Just remember when times seem rough I will always be there for you all. Together we stand strong and fight this together.

To the families of my Amazing staff thank you for all your sacrifices. For the countless hours of being away from your loved ones! For taking care of the family at home and holding it down, while my staff are hard at work making a difference in this pandemic. Please know your understanding and sacrifice is what drives them to push harder. Being away from our love one is never easy. But just know you are apart of our Premier Family.. Thank you..

To my Amazing, most loving, caring family-oriented boss Scott Miscovich thank you for all the years we’ve shared. We’ve been through a lot throughout the years and this may have been by far the most challenging year, ( I’m sure there will be more) but as always we will get through it as we always do by doing what it right for our community and state, even if the odds are against us. As always we’ve beat all obstacles as we will this one. I am forever grateful for the love, support and opportunity all these years. Know you can always Lean and count on me to be there.

Rene Pagaoa, NCMA
Premier Medical Group Hawaii
Executive Director, VP