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Premier Medical Group Hawaii

Workers Compensation, Personal Injury

We provide medical care for anyone affected by an auto accident, work-related injuries, or any other injuries that occur as a result of someone else.

Medical Care for Accidents & Work-Related Injuries

There is nothing worse than being injured or getting sick and being unable to work to provide for your family. Our Oahu Occupational Medicine Health Clinic is there for you if someone else’s negligence has affected your health. We provide medical care for anyone affected by an auto accident, work-related injuries, or any other injuries that occur as a result of someone else. We’ll take care of you whether you get sick or injured on the job, become injured in an auto accident, or cannot work due to an incident that happened but wasn’t your fault.

Impeccable Customer Service

We are staffed by a team of highly experienced professionals trained in using high-end and modern technology to bring you the best medical care possible. We also understand that none of this is important if you can’t think of us as your Ohana!

Personalized Medical Solutions

We value the opportunity to serve as your physical care provider and we don’t take our responsibility lightly! PMG’s Medical Practice is there to serve your mental, physical and emotional health.

We Put Your Needs First

The philosophy at Premier Medical Group is the same no matter what branch of our department you visit. We put you and your needs first. Our staff knows that there is nothing more important than serving you and your health.

Premier Medical Group’s Occupation Medicine practice makes it easy for you to get the care you need after an accident or sickness due to a work-related injury or auto accident.

You’ll be cared for by Doctor Scott J. Miscovich, who has been a medical doctor for over 30 years. Doctor Miscovich is also the longtime president of the Work Injury Medical Association. He knows how debilitating a work-related injury can be, and he’s there to help you through it.

We provide your medical care and work with your employer.

Immediately following an injury, your first step should be to seek medical attention. However, many people feel limited due to the lack of compliance from their employers. Occupation Medicine has been working with work-related medical needs for years. Our practice is there to serve you as well as meet the needs of your employer. We will provide help with proper documentation of all treatment related to your medical condition. This is an important process when it comes to worker’s compensation claims.

Our office is extremely knowledgeable about the steps you need to take to get the care you need.

While our first priority will always be to get you the care you need after a work-related accident or injury, we are also there to help you with the process of being unable to work. We offer two convenient locations to serve you in Downtown Honolulu and Kaneohe. Both clinics are staffed with professionals who specialize in working with worker’s compensation claims or who have been affected by an accidental injury or illness at no fault of their own.

The following is a list of services that our locations provide:

  • X-rays
  • EKG’s
  • Blood tests and other lab work
  • Drug and alcohol tests and screening (to be used for new or continued employment)
  • Employee health screening
  • Screening and testing after an accident
  • Injury care, including care for head injuries, crush injuries, cuts, burns, back injuries, and more
  • Worker’s compensation documentation and assistance with paperwork
  • Mental health support after a work-related injury, accident or sickness

We’re there to assist you through the entire worker’s compensation process & get you back on your feet.

Occupation Medicine doesn’t just help you get back on your feet. We’re there to assist you through the entire worker’s compensation process. This includes mental support dealing with the loss of a job as well as care for your injuries. Our practice functions under state laws and can help make the worker’s compensation process as easy as possible.

Our clinics can also help with other job-related testing and lab work needed. Many employers require new or potential employees to go through drug and alcohol testing before they can be hired. Our clinics are equipped with everything you need to get you the testing and screenings you need to get working. Let us know how we can help!

Our Locations

Open Monday thru Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 1pm, Sunday closed.

Kaneohe, HI

(808) 247-8768

46-001 Kamehameha Hwy, Suite 109 Kaneohe HI 96744

Kailua-Kona, HI

(808) 213-6444

Palani Road Suite 3001, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740