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Massage Therapy

At Premier Medical Group our massage therapists are highly effective at treating your pain because we deal with the root cause and not just the symptoms.

Innovative Massage Therapy

Everyone knows that massage therapy can help you relax. But did you know that it can also help you recover from certain illnesses and chronic conditions? In fact, research shows that approximately 80% of chronic pain comes from soft tissue injuries, and approximately 74% is related to conditions that affect trigger points. This makes massage therapy a very effective treatment for chronic pain because it targets those areas.

Impeccable Customer Service

We are staffed by a team of highly experienced professionals trained in using high-end and modern technology to bring you the best medical care possible. We also understand that none of this is important if you can’t think of us as your Ohana!

Personalized Medical Solutions

We value the opportunity to serve as your physical care provider and we don’t take our responsibility lightly! PMG’s Medical Practice is there to serve your mental, physical and emotional health.

We Put Your Needs First

The philosophy at Premier Medical Group is the same no matter what branch of our department you visit. We put you and your needs first. Our staff knows that there is nothing more important than serving you and your health.

Benefits of Massage Therapy Services

Most people find that regular massage therapy greatly improves their quality of life. At Premier Medical Group, we understand how debilitating chronic pain can be. Living a less painful existence is crucial to your mental and physical health. Massage therapy can also be beneficial to help alleviate the stress of everyday life. You can’t operate at your best if you feel weighed down and in pain. Additionally, massage therapy can help reduce the amount of pain-relieving drugs you take. This includes both over the counter and prescription pills.

  • More effective and cheaper than pain medications for treating chronic pain
  • Helps release tight and sore muscles, which can help improve ischemia (a lack of blood supply to the soft tissues causing an overly sensitive sensation to the touch)
  • Helps relieve entrapment and compression
  • Helps prevent future chronic pain conditions
  • Helps improve coordination and posture to prevent falls
  • May help reduce depressive symptoms by calming the nervous system
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Aids in digestive health
  • Improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes relaxation

Highly Effective Treatments

Massage therapy isn’t just a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Our physical therapists at Premier Medical Group are highly effective at treating your pain because we deal with the root cause and not just the symptoms. Our doctors are trained to target trigger points and soft tissue where the majority of chronic pain is rooted. This helps alleviate the base cause of the pain so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy again.

Promote Natural Healing with Massage

Many people with chronic illnesses seek massage therapy as part of their treatment plan. Many health experts believe that inflammation is the root of all diseases. Massage therapy helps reduce inflammation by boosting blood circulation. Your blood carries important nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, which can help increase your energy and promote healing from the inside.

When you increase blood flow, you help send anti-inflammatory nutrients to damaged tissues and cells, such as vitamins and antioxidants. You also help the body move harmful toxins out of your system to reduce the inflammatory process before it can become a problem and cause pain. Additionally, massage therapy also helps reduce stress, which is directly linked to inflammation and may worsen many chronic conditions, including depression, back pain, and more.

Massage Designed for You & Your Needs

Our health experts will work with you to determine the best approach to treating the root cause of your pain. Your treatment may involve several areas of treatment. We may use one of the following techniques to help treat your condition:

  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Muscle testing
  • Myofascial and positional releases
  • Stretching
  • Relief of trigger points
  • Muscle testing

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